nothing annoys me more than people being like “LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE” when you find something offensive or disgusting like where am i learning to take this joke? to the fucking trash where it belongs?

This one is for Blake that fucking dickwad

yeah fuck you blake

"I like how…."
- me when I don’t like how (via hellomolls)

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i got bored and thought i’d give bambi a try @shaaanxo #halloween #october #costumes

i got bored and thought i’d give bambi a try @shaaanxo #halloween #october #costumes

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Doctor, what would you do now?

                                 No, what will I do now.

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"You’re going to have people who are going to say ‘Oh, you know like, she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends’ and I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says it about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love-life, and no one raises a red flag there."
- Taylor Swift on some peoples views on her songwriting. (x)
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i’m in bed and was wondering where my cat is so i was all “oh I’ll just text him” and opened the messages app before i realized what i was doing